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Shala Darpan Rajasthan: In the present era, we know that the relevant information or database is the essence to run any organization. Rajasthan government education department has taken the initiative of the Shala Darpan portal to review the activities of children. In this online portal the govt. keep all information related to government schools, colleges, offices along with academic and non-academic personnel. This portal is totally based on database management. Parents can easily check their children’s activities through this portal like their attendance records, task records, and achievements.

Shala Darpan portal plays an important role in this catastrophic Covid pandemic it helps in avoiding social gatherings because all the activities are kept online along with Updation. Candidates who want to apply online can visit the official site and scrutiny all the details in the application. Read the article for detailed information related to Shala Darpan Rajasthan.

Shala Darpan Rajasthan Portal

Scheme NameShala Darpan Rajasthan
Portal Developed ByNational Informatics Centre, Rajasthan
Scheme Initiated By Rajasthan Council of School Education
Scheme BeneficiariesCitizens of Rajasthan
Scheme Steer UnderRajasthan State Government
State NameRajasthan
Article CategoryYojna/Scheme

How to Login to Shala Darpan Online Portal?

Shala Darpan Rajasthan

Below are the simple steps by which candidates can easily log in to the Rajasthan Shala Darpan Portal.

  • Candidates have to start by visiting the official site i.e.
  • On the official page click on the “log in” tab mention at the top of the page.
  • After hitting on the login button, a new page will be displayed in front of you; on that page, enter your login credentials and password.
  • After entering credentials, enter the captcha code and click on the login button.
  • Now, you can log in to a portal and review all the substantial information.

How to Search Schools on the Rajasthan Shala Darpan Portal

Shala Darpan Rajasthan
  • Candidate is required to go to the official website of shala darpan
  • On the official page, you can scroll down and search for the “Citizen Window” option.
  • A new page will be displayed just after clicking on the above option. Click on the “search school” option.
  • Following the above step you will further visit a new page where you can search for desired government schools along with their NIC and PIN code.
  • There are different methods to search for schools. You can choose the option based on your comfort and review all the necessary information.

Services that are available on Shala Darpan Rajasthan Portal

The portal is steer and managed by the Rajasthan council of education department. Shala Darpan Portal provides many services as you can make a glimpse given below.

I: Citizen Window Service

  1. Search school
  2. School report
  3. Report of student
  4. Report on staff(Academic/Non-academics)
  5. Search of Scheme
  6. Citizen suggestions option
  7. Prayas (questions/answer sheet/study materials)

II : Staff Window Service

  1. Details of School NIC-SD ID
  2. Details of staff
  3. Staff login register
  4. Migrate schedule
Shala Darpan Rajasthan

Objectives of राजस्थान शाला दर्पण

Shala Darpan Portal is an opportune step taken by the Rajasthan government to develop and technologize the education system. The initial and most important objective of this portal is to summarize all government schools, academics, and non academics staff under one vault. Portal provides online access to the parents of their children studying in government schools and can track all live status through this portal.

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So far approx 85000 schools, Nearly 8.7 Million, and 480 thousand teachers have been annex to this portal. All higher and secondary schools of Rajasthan are getting attached to this portal for their better work.

Shala Darpan Rajasthan- Benefits

  • The natives of Rajasthan can avail the benefit of this portal who want to give a quality education to their children. As the portal provides all the information related to higher and secondary school.
  • Shala darpan portal carries all the information with transparency related to education. This portal is the bestway to maintain the online database related to all government schools.
  • The portal also provides detailed information about the academics and non-academics personnel of the school.
  • By this initiative of government, it will save people time because all the activities in this portal are done through online mode. Natives of the state can see detailed information on their personal cell phones.

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Gyan Sankalp Portal ज्ञान संकल्प पोर्टल

Gyan Sankalp is an official portal of the Rajasthan government to collect donations from persons or cooperative social responsibility organizations. If anyone wants to support the government in providing education to students they can directly visit the Shala Darpan portal and can find a direct link to the Gyan Sankalp portal for donating.

Candidate can donate in various forms by visiting the portal and choose the school preference where they want to donate. This portal is developed and steered by the National Informatics Centre, Rajasthan. This portal is a great platform where persons and CSR directly contribute to schools.


Download format of Shala Darpan Portal Rajasthan

Candidates can download all the prescribed forms related to education by visiting the Shala Darpan Portal.

  • Form 14 for the application of 80G certificate from the school (SDMC)
  • form 15 for click program in school
  • School and Institution Principal Information(basic profile)
  • Student integrated letter
  • Profile of school
  • Details of other school personnel
  • Faculty wise subject selection
  • 11th-12th class/student wise faculty sheet
  • Computer and Internet facility
  • Personal Statement Form -For all Education Department Employees
  • Guidelines about filling teacher detailed profile
  • Class-wise student enrollment

Shala Darpan Rajasthan- Important links

Here, we provide the important links for hassle-free visiting the official page. Candidates can visit the page with just one click on the links given below.

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Login window for applying online
Shala Darpan School Search

Here we provide all the answers to possible questions related to Raj Shala Darpan if candidates have any queries other than this they can comment below. Our team will soon respond to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for Shala Darpan Rajasthan?

Candidates can apply by simply visiting the official site of Shala Darpan i.e.

Who are the beneficiaries of Shala Darpan Rajasthan?

The natives of Rajasthan can avail all the advantages of the Shala Darpan Online Portal.

What is the official website of Shala Darpan Rajasthan?

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