BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2024 Online: Fees, Apply Process, BH Series Rules

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BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2024 Online, Fees, Apply Process: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) recently posted an official notification regarding the Bharat Series (BH). The vehicles with the BH series will not require new benchmarks for their vehicles if the owner moves from one state to another, and the BH Marks will be valid all across the country, even in Union Territories also. To know briefly about BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2024, its fees, process and rules read the article given below.

About Bharat Series (BH)

Bharat Series (BH) which is an acronym of Bharat is an IT-based solution initiated by MORTH where once the owner gets this registration mark then they don’t have to re-register their vehicle while travelling from one state to another. Citizens who travel frequently or have a transferable job from one state to another will find it easy after getting themselves registered in BH Series as they no longer have to register their vehicle every time they get transferred from one state to another which will save their time and money also.

BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration 2024 Online

BH Bharat Series Vehicle Registration: Highlights

Initiated BodyMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
Registration Mark NameBharat Series
Initial Of Registration MarkBH
Launched ByGovernment of India
Registration ModeOnline and Offline
Registration Start15th Sep
Registration Feepay only once

Eligibility Criteria for BH Series Number

The eligibility criteria to get BH Series Number are:

  • Defence Persons,
  • Central and State government employees,
  • Central and State PSU’s Employees,
  • Private Sector Employees (whose offices are located in 4 or more states)

Bharat Series (BH) Vehicle Registration Format 2024

The vehicle registration format of the Bharat Series (BH) is given below in the form of the table:

Last two digits of the year in which the vehicle was registered.
Bharat Series code (2) letters printed as ‘BH’.
4 numbers from 0001 to 9999 (randomized)
Alphabets (AA to ZZ) excluding ‘I’ and ‘O’.

After registration is done, the vehicle number plate will look like this:

19 BH 2222 BB

Note: The Number Plate should have a white background with registration initials printed in black colour.

Image courtesy opIndia

Bharat (BH) Series Tax

Sr. NoVehicle Price % tax on the vehicle
1.Less than Rs.10 lakh08%
2.Between Rs. 10-20 lakh10%
3.Above 20 lakh12%
BHS Registration Fee
  • 2% extra charges will be taken from diesel vehicles. On the other hand, 2% fewer charges will be taken from Electric vehicles.
  • When vehicle completes its 14 years, then tax will be taken annually which will be half the amount taken previously.

West Bengal Digital Ration Card

Benefits of BH Series Vehicle Registration

The benefits which Indian citizens will receive from BH Series Vehicle Registration is given below:

  • Citizens are permitted to travel across the country without registering their vehicles in every state or Union Territory.
  • Their will be a deduction in taxes depending on the type of vehicle the citizen is carrying.
  • The bug free online system will provide transperancy in whole procedure.
  • Electric vehicles will be encourage towards new India.
  • It will encourage the vehicle owners to adopt this new system and the vehicle expenses will also get reduced.

Differences between PreviousSseries and Bharat (BH) Series

The differences between the Previous Series and Bharat (BH) Series are as follows:

Process without BH Series

  • Under Sec 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the owner was allowed to keep their vehicle for not more than 1 year in any other State other than the State where the vehicle was registered.
  • Previously, the owner was supposed to complete the whole procedure of re-registering their vehicle in the new State.
  • They were suppose to show all the documents of taxes paid in previous state, refund receipt of road tax and many more.
  • The procedures of every State was different from each other, which was time and money-consuming.

Process with Bharat (BH) Series

  • People who frequently relocate from one state to other are not required to follow the old process.
  • This scheme is only for those citizens who have are eligible for it.
  • BH Series will also stop illegal activities like fake registration of vehicles.
  • Currently, the non-eligible citizens can’t take any advantage of this Bharat series. If the government finds any suspicious conduct with the BH Series registered vehicle, then strict action will taken against the owner by the Central Government.

Private Sectors Facilities

Private Sector Companies whose offices are located in more than 4 states will issue a letter and on behalf of this letter, their employee may easily apply for the new Bharat (BH) Series.

BH Series Working Certificate

Steps to apply Online for Bharat Series Vehicle Registration

Currently, the steps to apply Online for Bharat (BH) Series Vehicle Registration hasn’t been announced but we will update you by providing the link about how to register Online.

The tentative steps to apply Online for BH Series Vehicle Registration are as follows:

  • Go to the official website
  • Home page of MORTH will open, now click on ‘Citizen Corner’.
  • Read the BH Series official notification and download it.
  • After downloading it, visit your nearest vehicle dealer carrying your Company ID Card.
  • Now, apply for BH Series numbers and enter your contact number.

Procedure to apply Offline for Bharat Series Vehicle Registration

The procedure to apply Offline for Bharat Series (BH) Vehicle Registration are given below:

  • You have to get a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) from your RTO of your State, i.e. ‘parent state’.
  • Apply for new BH Series registration and thereafter pay 2 or multiple 2 years of RTO fees under the Central government.
  • Also, apply for a refund of the road tax you paid earlier in your state.
  • After successful registration, you will receive your Bharat Series (BH) Vehicle Registration Number Plate.

Documents required for Bharat (BH) Series Vehicle Registration

The documents that citizens must carry while registering for BH Series are given below:

  • Official Working Certificate (approved by the organization),
  • Organization ID Card (where the citizen is currently working).

Key Features of BH Series

The Key Features of the Bharat (BH) Series are as follows:

  • It will solve problem of re-registaring vehicle in new state.
  • Bharat Series will provide the transperancy as the procedure will be done Online.
  • People can relocate hasssle free.
  • The scheme will help in deduction of tax on different vehicles.
  • Citizens have to pay registration fee only once.

Who will receive the benefits from Bharat (BH) Series Vehicle Registration?

Beneficiaries who will benefit from Bharat (BH) Series Vehicle Registration are Defence Persons, State and Central Government Employees, and Private Sector Employees with offices in more than 4 states.

What is the mode of registering for the Bharat (BH) Series?

Citizens can register from both Online by visiting the official website of MORTH and Offline by submitting the documents in RTO.

What are the advantages of the Bharat (BH) Series?

After getting registered under this series citizens are not required to pay registration fees if they relocate to other states.

To know more read the MoRTH PIB Press Release.

We hope you received the information you were looking for about BH Series Vehicle Registration 2024 Online: Fees, Apply Process, BH Series Rules for more updates keep following our website.

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