What is Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy? Why is he trending?

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What is Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy?: For several years, a controversy has managed to get the attention of the viewers. The controversy revolves around a laptop which is claimed to be owned by Hunter Biden who is the son of Joe Biden i.e., President of the United States. Let’s understand in detail What is Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy? In October 2020, a controversy was spread which involved the data from a laptop. It is believed that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden.

The laptop was found at the Delaware Computer Shop. It was stated by the owner that the laptop had been left by a man named Hunter Biden. However, the owner is legally blind and it cannot be said with confidence that the man was Hunter Biden. A leading news agency named the New York Post published a shocking story just three weeks before the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

Under the story, there were several emails from the same laptop which showed corruption made by the President of the United States i.e., Joe Biden. The owner of the shop has provided this information to the personal attorney of Donald Trump who is a former president of the United States i.e., Rudy Giuliani.

What is Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy? Why is he trending?

What is Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy?

The New York Post news managed to create a Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy. After that, the Forensic Analysis analysed the emails from the same which included the email posted by the New York Post. Later on, it was asserted by owner of the Twitter and others that the government had ordered the suppression of the Post story to favour Joe Biden which was not supported by the Twitter Files Exam.

The FBI and Republican operatives got the hard drive data before it was known by the public. The FBI seized the laptop from the owner of the Laptop shop. After that, a Washington Post was published which stated that the FBI had concluded that the laptop was his and it had not been manipulated.

CBS News published a forensic analysis in November 2022 which includes a copy of the data received directly from the respective shop owner. There were a total of 120,000 emails from the Hunted Biden Laptop that have not been altered. However, the other copies which are being circulated by the Republican operative might be tempered.

Why is he trending?

Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy is again trending and the reason is surprising. A criminal case has been filed against Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors are now utilizing the same laptop as evidence against Hunter Biden. The FBI agency got the laptop to investigate it. The opposition party candidate i.e., Donald Trump has tried to turn the story to hurt the campaign led by Joe Biden. They have accused that Joe Biden has acted corruptly in the Ukraine situation to protect his son.

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Please note that In September 2020, two Republican Senate Committee stated that they did not find any proof of Joe Biden’s wrongdoing related to Ukraine in the laptop along with the business dealings of his son. In April 2024, the committee still did not find any wrongdoing. The laptop is currently on hold by the FBI due to the case against Hunter Biden on firearms charges.

U.S. Special Counsel on Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy

The laptop, its content and invoices from Isaac have been utilized as evidence against Hunter in June 2024. In the case, Hunter has been accused of buying a firearm despite the knowledge that he was a drug user. However, the defence attorney for Hunter has argued with the opposition stating that there are various reasons which states that the data has been altered before getting the electronic material.

Weiss has described that same as a “conspiracy theory with no supporting evidence”. The prosecutor then stated the fact that no evidence has been provided by the defence attorney which can prove that the data available in his laptop is false. During the trial, the judge favoured the prosecutors and allowed them to use Hunter Biden’s laptop as evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the reaction of Hunter against the Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy?
Hunter said that he did not remember dropping off the laptop at a repair shop. Further stated that it might be one of the laptops that got stolen, could be Russian intelligence or could be that he was hacked.

What is the latest update of Hunter Biden on firearms charges?
Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all counts in the gun case.

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