Salaar Hindi OTT Release Date; When, Where to Watch It?

After garnering 700 Cr+ worldwide, Rebel Star Prabhas Blockbuster Movie Salaar: Part 1- Ceasefire is now streaming online. Viewers can stream it on Juggernaut Netflix in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil. Yeah, it’s not a mistake. The movie is not available in Hindi yet. Unfortunately, the Salaar Hindi OTT version has not yet been released on Netflix or other OTT Platforms. After performing exceptionally well in the Hindi belt, the makers keep the Hindi version away from their audience. After learning this, the audience is furious and keen to know when Salaar Hindi will be released on OTT.

That’s why the Hindi Audience, which has not seen the Salaar Movie on the Big Screen or wants to experience it again, is buzzing about its OTT Launch. However, the makers and the OTT platform have not confirmed its digital arrival. However, you can watch the movie with English subtitles on Netflix.

salaar Hindi Release Date
Salaar Hindi OTT

Salaar Hindi OTT Release Theories

After a thundering roar in the cinema with a collection of a whopping 700 Cr+, South Superstar Prabhas Salaar is roaring globally on Netflix starting January 20, 2024. Within a few days of its release on OTT, it is trending globally in the Top 10 Non-English films. However, the film OTT debut for the Hindi audience is still eluded.

As soon as the fans learned about the unavailability of the Salaar Hindi OTT release, they kept asking the makers about its availability and showed their anger on social media. However, as per the speculation mill and their theories explaining its delay. But the production house, OTT platform lips remained tight.

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Salaar Hindi OTT Release Speculation

Moreover, there is some speculation from the Multiplex house regarding the delay of the Salaar Hindi version. Per the information, the multiplex mandatory rule could be the reason for the delay. Per the rule, the movie can be released digitally after 8-12 weeks of theatrical release. Some reports claim that the theatrical release and OTT stream window will close next month, so they may be expected to be launched in February 2024, while others remain silent due to lack of confirmation.

Till the official announcement of the Salaar Hindi release, we can just keep our notification bell on and keep checking the Salaar social media handle for the announcement.

Why is there so much Buzz for the Salaar Hindi OTT Release?

Salaar’s story revolves around two friends, Deva (Prabhas) and Vardha Raja Mannar (Prithivriraj Sukumaran), who live in Khansaar, a dystopian land where violence and political turmoil are supreme. Vardha is the prince of Khansaar who is caught between loyalty to his father and friend Deva. He chose friendship and lost a district to a tribe. In this instance, Deva and Vardha part ways, but Deva promises Vardha that whenever you want to hunt or be hunted, call me.

A web of conspiracies and betrayal unravels the characters slowly, which led the bone of contention. At this stage, when everyone is ready with the army to reign the Khansaar, Vardha, who doesn’t have any army, recalls his friend Deva, now known as ‘One Man Army. High-octane chases, brutal combat vengeance, and emotional touches make the movie entertaining and engaging. That’s why its captivating 2 hour and 52 minute runtime hooks the viewers from their seats right from the beginning. However, too many characters may create confusion and hard to understand. Nevertheless, Salaar is all about the battle of loyalty vs betrayal, revenge and redemption, power and corruption, and hope and defiance.

Netflix? Amazon Prime? Where to watch Salaar Hindi

Salaar Hindi OTT

When Netflix announced the Salaar Streaming, they didn’t mention Hindi. As the movie is now available in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil, we could expect its Hindi rights to be sold to other OTT platforms. In the past, we have seen different language rights sold to different OTT platforms. For example, when Rishabh Shetty Kanatara, the legend, was released on Amazon Prime in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, its Hindi version streamed on Netflix.

Similarly, KGF Chapter 1 Hindia and Kannada Version released on Amazon Prime and Bangla version on Disney Plus Hotstar. It is interesting to know all these movies have the same production house, Hombale Films. So, as of now, the Salaar Hindi OTT stream platform is yet to be confirmed.

When will Salaar Hindi release on OTT?

Viewers may expect Salaar Hindi on OTT in February 2024.

Which OTT platform will release Salaar Hindi?

No details about the Hindi Salaar OTT Platform have been confirmed yet.

Is the Salaar Hindi OTT release date confirmed?

No! The Production house or any OTT platform does not share any details about the release date.

Netflix? Amazon Prime? Where can I watch Salaar Hindi on OTT?

It’s still clueless who purchased the Salaar Hindi digital rights.

Why is Salaar Hindi taking so long to release on OTT?

A movie can stream online 8-12 weeks after its theatrical release, which is why it’s taking so long.

What is the official reason for the Salaar Hindi OTT delay?

No official announcement has been made, but the multiplex rule could be the one.

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