Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024: How Much for this Time? Eligibility, Payment Dates

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Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024: The government of Ontario is offering Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment to eligible beneficiaries of the province. Individuals who have successfully filed their tax return for the 2024 tax year will get the benefits of the payment. Currently, the residents of Ontario are facing financial problems due to high inflation. So, the amount offered under this program will protect them from financial burden till some point.

The government started the Grocery Rebate program in the 2023 tax year. Residents are now waiting to get updates on the Ontario Grocery Refund Payment 2024. Scroll down the following article to check information regarding the payment dates, eligibility criteria and more.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

The government of Ontario along with the Canada Revenue Agency will provide the grocery rebate payment to beneficiaries through direct bank transfer and cheque. Last, year, the payment was made in July 2023. Financial support to eligible applicants will be offered through the Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment.

The payment will be issued to eligible beneficiaries alongside the quarterly GST/HST credit payment released in July. Eligible beneficiaries will get up to $628 under the rebate program. Applicants should go through the eligibility criteria before getting the Ontario Grocery Rebate benefits.

Ontario Grocery Refund Payment Dates

The government of Canada will offer the Grocery Rebate only once to eligible beneficiaries. The Grocery Rebate was introduced in the 2023 budget of the country. The payment for th 2023 tax year was provided to eligible beneficiaries on 5th July 2023. The residents of the country are still facing problems with the costs of groceries. Therefore there is a high chance that the government might issue the Ontario Grocery Rebate once again for the 2024 tax year.

Considering the payment date of the last year, it can be said that the government might issue the payment in July 2024. The confirmed date on which the payment will be issued will be updated here as soon as the officials will release it. One must note that in case, the payment date mentioned by the officials falls on a holiday or weekend then the payment date will adjusted most probably one day earlier than the mentioned one.

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Eligibility Conditions to get Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment

In the following section, we are providing information regarding the eligibility criteria which need to be attained by interested candidates to get the Ontario Grocery Rebate. Readers should fulfill all conditions to get Ontario Grocery Rebate benefits. The following are the eligibility criteria:

  • If any individuals applies to get the lump sum amount of the GST/HST credit and also received it last year might be eligible to get a grocery rebate offered by the officials.
  • If the individuals are eligible and entitled to receive the GST/ HST credit amount for the particular year, they will get the Ontario Grocery Rebate.
  • Applicants must have attained the age of 19 years a month before the quarterly payment is made by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Applicants must have filed their tax return for the respective year even if the individuals did not have any income to report for that particular year.
  • Interested applicants must be residents of Ontario, Canada for income tax. They must be residents during the commencement of the month on which the officials will make the payment.
  • Applicants whose age is less than 19 years must attain any one of the following eligibility conditions during the same period to get the benefits:
    • Individuals must have (or had) a spouse or common-law partner.
    • Applicants must be parents and live (or lived) with the child.

Ontario 234 to 628 Grocery Rebate Payment Amount

Individuals who are interested and have ensured the eligibility criteria can now check the amount they will get through the Ontario Grocery Rebate. The officials have stated that the amount they will offer under the grocery rebate will be double the amount offered under the Goods and Services Tax/ Harmonized Sales Tax Credit.

The family situation of the beneficiaries and the adjusted net income of the family will be considered to determine the payment amount. The amount differs for individuals who are single or married or have a common-law partner. The following is a table showing the payment amount:

BeneficiariesSingle IndividualsMarried Individuals or Common-law partner
No Children$234$306
Have 1 Child$387$387
Have 2 Children$467$467
Have 3 Children$548$548
Have 4 Children$628$628

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for the Ontario Grocery Rebate?
It is informed to all individuals that there is no application process available to get the Ontario Grocery Rebate The officials will automatically enrol applicants based on the information available on the tax return.

What to do if we do not receive the payment on the date mentioned by the officials?
In case, eligible beneficiaries do not receive the payment on the date scheduled by the concerned authority, they must wait for a few days before contacting the authority.

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  1. If people received payment last july 2023. Will they get this year’s payment in July 2024. On odsp. Cppd. Income has not changed, maybe a few dollars. Or are we out of luck. Please respond.

  2. If me and my common law partner file seperate cause he works. We do have a child and we do live together. I am the one when filing taxes the child tax is in my name. Who will get the grocery rebate. There is no table showing for couples with one child. So I am just wondering who’s name it will come in


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