No SSI payment in June 2024: Eligible Seniors will not Receive $1,400 Check

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No SSI payment in June 2024: There are a total of 72 million Social Security beneficiaries who will not receive the Social Security Administration benefits offered monthly. Most beneficiaries getting Social Security benefits are retired and have contributed towards Social Security for at least 35 years. There are some other beneficiaries excluding retirees who get the SSI benefits such as low-income seniors, children and disabled people. As per the reports, there will be No SSI payment in June 2024.

Beneficiaries who are dependent on the benefits of the SSI for fulfilling basic needs will not be getting any financial help from the officials in June. Read the following article carefully to know the reason why Eligible Seniors will not Receive a $1,400 Check.

No SSI payment in June 2024: Eligible Seniors will not Receive $1,400 Check

No SSI payment in June 2024

Last month, the recipients of Supplemental Security Income received an additional payment. There are a total of 3 months in the 2024 year when the beneficiaries will get double payments. May was one of those three months in which the double Social Security Check Payment was made to beneficiaries. The beneficiaries received the SSI payment on the 1st and 31st of May 2024.

However, one must note that there is no such thing as additional payment in SSI. The authority offers the benefits to beneficiaries on the 1st day of each month. For the June payment, the 1st day of June was falling on the weekend. Therefore, the SSA has to transfer the deposit on the last day of May 2024.

As a result, there will be No SSI payment in June 2024. Beneficiaries will not be affected by it as the payment has been made only one day earlier than the payment date. Beneficiaries can use the payment to fulfill the basic needs of June 2024. People who are receiving ordinary Social Security income rather than SSI will be significantly impacted.

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1400 USD Social Security Payment Schedule in 2024

The $1400 SSI payment will be sent to the SSI beneficiaries following the payment schedule mentioned below:

  • June: 31st May 2024
  • July: 1st July 2024
  • August: 1st August 2024
  • September: 30th August 2024
  • October: 1st October 2024
  • November: 1st November 2024
  • December: 29th November 2024

In case, any beneficiaries do not get the monthly benefits on the scheduled date, it is advisable for readers to kindly wait for at least three to four days before contacting the Social Security Administration. Please note that it is difficult for the officials to respond immediately as the number of inquiries is enormous.

How to claim the SSI payment?

Readers who have ensured that they are eligible for the program can understand the claiming process in the following section. The following are the steps to easily claim the USD SSI payment:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the Social Security Administration using this link:
  • After that, click the Apply for Benefits options on the home page.
  • Now, a new page will open where you will have to answer certain questions to get access to the application form.
  • Start entering the details on the application form carefully and move towards the next stage.
  • Then, upload the required documents to the application form.
  • Go through the application form and tap the submit button to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the officials provide the SSI Payment for June 2024?
The officials will not provide any SSI Payment in June 2024 as the officials have already made the payment for this month in the last month i.e., June 2024.

What are the eligibility criteria to get the $1400 SSI payment?
The basic eligibility criteria include that the applicants are residents of the United States. They must be retirees, children or low-income individuals. Detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria can be checked by visiting the SSA portal.

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