NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled? New Exam Dates, Supreme Court Latest News

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NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled?: National Testing Agency (NTA) known as one of the biggest exam-conducting authorities conducted the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test on 5th May 2024. The result of the NEET 2024 Exam was declared on 4th June 2024. After the declaration of the results, a huge amount of students were surprised to see the result statistics. Many candidates have scored full marks which has created many speculations. Now, the students are demanding the reconduct of the exam.

Now, the question is Has the NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled? Seeing the growth in demand for NEET cancellation, the Education Ministry’s National Testing Agency conducted a press conference to address the issue. Let’s see what updates have been made regarding the NTA NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled, New Exam Dates, Supreme Court Latest News, and more.

NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled?

The press conference took place on Saturday. They elaborated on the issue of the number of candidates who secured higher marks and the number of candidates who scored full marks in the NTA NEET 2024. The Director General of the National Testing Agency states that there is a four-member high power committee that is looking into the matter of the 1,600 students from a total of six exam centres. If there is any strong evidence which requires the re-examination, the officials will update them.

The re-examination decision depends on the recommendations from for high power committee. There are many students along with the local public who have been dissatisfied over the ongoing controversy around the result of NEET UG which was issued on 4th June. The number of students is huge who want the re-test. It must be noted that currently, the officials have not updated any notification which shows that the NEET 2024 Exam has been cancelled.

NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled? New Exam Dates, Supreme Court Latest News

Why is the NTA NEET 2024 Exam Controversial?

Below are some of the major points which have managed to make the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and Results controversial:

  • A total of 67 students have scored full marks in the exam which is a rare scenario. The students have managed to score the perfect 720. The number of students who scored full marks has never been this high which is causing controversies.
  • The NEET Marking Scheme is available on the official website of the NTA. Considering the facts mentioned in the marking scheme, students can’t score marks such as 718, 719, etc. However, many students in the result have scored these marks which are creating speculations.
  • The National Testing Agency released the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Result ten days earlier. The chance becomes rarer when the result is released on the same day as the Lok Sabha Election Results. Please note that it is very unlikely for the institute or concerned authority to release the result on the election result date.
  • Some students also raised allegations on the NEET 2024 Question Paper earlier. It is being stated that the question paper was leaked. However, there is no strong proof stating the same.
  • Apart from the huge number of students scoring the highest marks, multiple students became the topper. However, the strange thing was that all of them took the exam in the same exam centre. People believe that some kind of misconduct happened in that particular exam hall.

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test New Exam Dates

Students want the exam conducting authority to reconduct the exam as the students who have worked day and night to get good grades will be preferred less than the students who have scored perfect scores by doing misleading activities. Whether the exam will be conducted or not will be informed soon. The NTA NEET New Exam Date is yet to be announced officially. The new exam dates will also be mentioned on the official website of the National Testing Agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Supreme Court’s Latest News regarding the NEET 2024 Exam Cancelled?
A plea was submitted regarding the conduction of the exam again. However, the decision is yet to be made. There is a high probability that the Supreme Court might accept the plea.

Has the NTA cancelled the NEET 2024 Exam?
Many students want the NTA officials to cancel the exam and re-conduct. However, the NTA has stated in the press conference that the result is valid. If any proof is found regarding the misconduct, the officials might decide to conduct the exam again.

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  1. Paper LEAK, DIGITAL SCAM, OMR SCAM happened and unusual arbitrary GRACE marks for time given by NTA is a huge blunder. Marks vs time is a mockery of exam system. Can you judge the students EFFICIENCY with time?25k-30k students have received questions paper from different states. Through probe by CBI and SIT can be done. Biggest SCAM in the NTA NEET 2024. SAVE THE MILLIONS STUDENTS LIFE AND CAREERS. NTA INVOLVED IN THE SCAM. DESTROYED MILLIONS STUDENTS LIFE AND CAREER. RENEET 2024.

  2. If it was correct, then should be needed to find the scandle as soon as possible quickly

  3. NTA hand over to UPSC for such type exam to control all the situation and give the promise to next year avoid such type of the negligence

  4. If the highest marks scored by the students of the same exam hall/venue, then this case must be scrutinized. Re exam is too difficult as hard working students already did their best in the previous exam. But not scored as they expected as may be different causes. Please examine and cancelled the wrought fruit (students).

  5. Neet Scam Jo hua ye thik nahi pata nahi every year Aisa hi scam hota hoga lekin pap kab tak chhupega isbar pakad me aa gaya.So mere hisab se jitne bhi candidate 24 lakh Jo exam diye hai sabko pass Kiya Jai aur every candidate ko Govt medical hospital me Study karne ka mouka diye jay.Agar Govt college me itna seat nahi hai to private medical colleges me govt rate per Study karne ki bybstha Kiya Jai .Jab tak 24 lakh candidates ka admission nahi ho jata 2025 me neet exam Ko cancel Kiya Jana chaiye.Agar 2024 me sabhi 24 lakh ko study karne ka mouka mil jata hai to 2025 me aap Exam le sakte hai

  6. Yes, re-examinations is must it’s not the students but the whole family is suffering from this sacm,the dream of middle class family to get there ward to doctor has been locked.

  7. Just re-conduct the NEET exam….. Don’t play with us and with our future… The paper was not to easy at all that the 67 numbers of students get full marks, it’s a misleading procedure and also they all were from the same centre exam hall students.

  8. Truly it’s so needed it should happen something is very fishy out there which is not noticed by the agency till now.

    • अगर नीट रद नहीं क्या गया तो तो मरीज के जान को खतरा है ऐसे डाक्टरो से आज नीट मे गर्बड़ी करके पास होंगे कल गर्बड़ी कर के हॉस्पिटम मे

  9. There is a lot of students who got a grace marks and their marks increases by 200 and 300 why NTA why…..! Which formula is applied here..?? Re-neet is important for those 23 lakh students who prepare from 2 to 3 years and struggle day and night..! Where is their struggle in your results…??? Please support them.. and conduct re-neet…

  10. I don’t think re neet is a solution as because it’s already high time moreover what if the question is made the most difficult and by chance again the same number comes i.e the same less number comes then NTA will not be guilty as they will have a ground that the current question was easy so everyone scored good marks and the latter question were hard that’s why everyone couldn’t score and people and even parents will blame students for the misuse of time and money and NTA will be free of any allegations..neither revaluation of marks is an idea because they wouldn’t show us how they gave number instead they will say we have done a miscalculation in some copies and reduce their number and they will be free of any allegations..The only way is leave it as it is and then ask for the law to look after it and find the persons responsible for this and give them a hard punishment which should be a lesson for everyone else… That’s the only way justice will be served…
    Here’s one more twist before I end this comment:
    What if NTA has been doing this for many years in small scale and reducing numbers for the non-bribe giving students and only this time they got caught because the scale was huge 💀

  11. This is not good to be happen ! Many students have worked really hard throughout the 2-3 years and their hardwork should not go into vain by giving good marks to those who may did misleaded activities to clear the exam in the exam hall. 67 students getting 720 full marks and some students getting 719 or 718 marks is unusual! Re-exam should be conducted or scandle should be caught to waste the hardwork of students and not destroying their future careers !!!!!

  12. This is not good to be happen ! Many students have worked really hard throughout the 2-3 years and their hardwork should not go into vain by giving good marks to those who may did misleaded activities to clear the exam in the exam hall. 67 students getting 720 full marks and some students getting 719 or 718 marks is unusual! Re-exam should be conducted or scandle should be caught to not waste the hardwork of students and not destroying their future careers !!!!!

  13. Re Neet agar hoi to 1month Mai honi chahiye aur usi month Mai result. Kyu ki college start hone ko hai . Baccho ka nuksan nahi hona chahiye.

  14. Hi,

    Take reexam for all those who have scored above 550.

    This way NTA can conduct the exam more strictly without any doubt. Also the number of candidates who will be effected will be fewer. Not all candidates need to suffer.

    Furthermore only at higher marks levels there is Competition or perhaps Corruption. 🤔

    NTA can call the students at fewer centers and complete the process without much delay.

  15. Why NEET doesn’t agree leak paper .How to possible paper and questions available.. 💬 thinking! Re exam

  16. We need the re neet exam for every student. So that, no one will escape from this scam, otherwise it will be continued for every year. After re conducted the exam, who will get high score in the re neet. We have to think deeply, who were studied really hard, they will get high score really. It is really difficult, but we have to be accepted the re neet then only we can full stop for these type of problem, it is very useful for future. Otherwise it will be repeated, we can’t do anything in the future. If we think selfishly ?

  17. #reneet
    If NTA is a scam agency who takes money and pass students then don’t conduct neet again.

    Because nowadays money is everything
    Today we aspirants realised that simple paper that know as money can by NTA.
    If someone feel bad by my words then i got you .
    You are the one (scammer spot)


  18. No re neet to all students..
    Re neet can be conducted for those students and particular centres or states, which are suspicious in indulge in scam… don’t suffer every student, particularly those who are taken multiple drops and got good score with their efficiency.. don’t throw them into that thrauma again

  19. If the NTA has not involved in the scam then why are they not conducting re-exam in NEET 2024. If 67 students are able to score 720 Marks then let us wish them to score this nice mark even in the re-exam If they have not done any scam in this NEET exam 2024 which was conducted on 5th May 2024. Let us wait for the re-exam

  20. Re neet should be conducted. It should be conducted on 15 July n result on a 31 July n counselling by 1st week of august. All can register there name n all necessary documents now till the court decided


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