HDFC Student Loan for Abroad Study: Child’s Education Abroad is Becoming a Financial Burden, Get ₹45 Lakh Loan at a Low Interest Rate

Have you dreamt of studying at your dream foreign University but cannot open your wings due to financial conditions? Don’t despair! HDFC Students loan for abroad study won’t allow financial crunch to clip your wings. With an HDFC student loan, you will get a loan of Rs 45 lakhs at a competitive interest rate starting from 9.55%. This loan allows you to complete your higher education in more than 2100 Universities across 35+ countries. It also covers more than 950+ courses, so whatever your course is, HDFC holds you tight. Tuition fees and numerous other expenses up to 100% are covered under this loan.

HDFC Student Loan for Abroad Study

You can apply for this loan online or offline. But to qualify for it, you must go through their eligibility process. If the applicant and co-applicants stand tall under their prescribed eligibility condition, then within 7-10 days, the bank may approve your loan. They credit the loan amount directly to the applicant’s account. Enough details are shared in the article, but applicants must contact the bank officials or visit their official website for more details.

HDFC Student Loan for Abroad Study: Child's education abroad is becoming a financial burden, Get ₹45 Lakh Loan at a Low Interest Rate
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HDFC Student Loan For Foreign Education

Loan Amount (Maximum)45 Lakh
Interest RateStarting from 9.55%
Repayment Tenure15 Years
Application ProcedureOnline/Offline
Processing Time7-10 business days
Education TypeDegree (Full-Time Courses Only)
Number of University2100
Number of Courses950+
Total Countries35+
CollateralMovable/Immovable Assets
Interest Rate TypeFloating
Loan Cost CoveredAlong with tuition fees and up to 100% of other expenses, which includes
Living and hostel expenses,
travelling expenses,
examination fees,
library/laboratory fees;
purchase of books, equipment, instruments, or uniforms;
passage money for studies in India;
purchase of computers/laptops
Travel fare is restricted to one economy class return ticket between India and the country of study.

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Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Loan for Foreign Education

You must meet some of its established criteria to be eligible for the HDFC Education loan. Fulfilling these criteria may keep the application process smooth and streamlined.

Basic EligibilityFinancial Criteria
Only Indian Citizens are eligibleCo-Applicant (Guardian) who must be a citizen of India must have a good financial profile.
The age of the applicants should not be 18-35 yearsHe/She (Co-Applicant) must have a good credit history and can easily manage the loan repayment.
The university confirmed admission for a full-time degree course.
Applicants must have a good previous academic record.

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Documents Required for HDFC Foreign Education Loan

To keep the flow of the application process and quick approval, applicants must prepare a list of documents supporting their loan application. Any false documents may lead to the cancellation of the loan application and may delay the process if the submitted details are incorrect. It is your responsibility to keep the enlisted documents.

Loan Application form

  • Applicant and co-applicant passport-size photograph (Two Sets)
  • Identification Proof: Applicant and Co-Applicant (Any One)
    • Driving License
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter’s ID Card
    • Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
    • Passport
  • Address Proof: Applicant and Co-Applicant (Any One)
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Voter’s ID Card
  • Academic Certificate:
    • 12 Marksheet/Certificate
    • Higher education qualification marksheet/Certificate (If Any)
    • Entrance Exam Marksheet (If Any)
    • GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS Marksheet (If Any)
    • Scholarship Documents
  • Admission Proof
    • Admission Letter issued from the University/Institution on its letterhead with the address where admission is taken.
  • Bank Statement:
    • Co-Applicant accounts details for the last eight months (In case of multiple accounts, shared details of all)
    • Include the bank statements of such accounts where the salary/business receipts of the co-applicant are credited.
  • Income Proof of Co-Applicant (In case of salaried)
    • The last three salary slips or salary certificates issued by the employer
    • Previous two-year RTI return slip or form 16 from employer
    • Other income proof is not available in the above document.
  • For Self Employed or professional
    • Last two years ITR Slip.
    • Last two years certified or provisional financial statement issued by the certified CA.
    • Business address proof
    • Other income proof is not available in the above document.
  • If, Collateral Loan (Immovable Property)
    • Property Papers.
    • 7/12 extracts in case of land.
    • Sale Agreement with the society share certificate.
    • Original registration receipt of the sale agreement.
    • Municipal allotment letter.
    • Latest Property tax bill with receipts.
    • Latest Maintenance bill with receipt.
    • NOC from society or builder.
    • Building plan.
    • Encumbrance Certificate.

Note: All the listed documents other than Application should be provided in self attested format, do not submit any original documents while applying.

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How to Apply for an HDFC Student Loan for Abroad Study?

Many dream of pursuing higher education at a foreign university, which requires courage, dedication, and perseverance. However, having appropriate funds for it is crucial, which the HDFC Student loan fulfils. This loan comes with a competitive interest rate and streamlines loan requests, which makes the process easy. You must follow the step-by-step guide to fill out the application form.

  • Visit the HDFC Website: Download the loan application form in the education loan section.
  • Fill out the form: Enter all the details carefully in the loan application.
  • Attach Document: Affixed your academic and other list of documents whose details are already shared above in this article.
  • Visit the HDFC bank: Now reach the nearby branch and submit your loan application.
  • Verification Process: The Bank representative checks the form thoroughly and highlights the missing details (if any).
  • After verification: Once the verification procedure is completed, they process your loan, whose intimation was shared by the bank.


What is the maximum amount I can avail of under the HDFC Student loan for foreign education?

You can avail of a maximum of Rs 45 lakhs depending on your eligibility and financial status.

What is the maximum tenure of an HDFC Student Loan?

15 years is the maximum tenure of loan repayment.

How can I submit an HDFC student Loan Application?

You can submit your loan application online and offline.

What are the interest rates offered under HDFC Student Loan?

The interest rate starts from 9.55%. However, it may vary depending on your financial profile and chosen option.

Do I need a Co-applicant for a loan?

Yes! Applicants must introduce co-applicants who have a strong financial background.

Within how many days did the bank approve the loan?

It takes around 7-10 working days to process the loan.

Is there any penalty on the prepayment of the loan amount?

No! The Bank will not charge any penalty for prepayment.

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