GST/HST Credit Payment Released Today – This is how to check it, Complete Process

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GST/HST Credit Payment Released Today: Each year, a huge amount of Canadian residents pay the goods and services tax/ harmonized sales tax. The country is currently facing high inflation which is increasing the cost of living. The amount of taxes is highly affecting the taxpayers. Therefore, the government decided to offer GST/HST Credit Payments to help those beneficiaries financially. The offered credit payment amount will help individuals and families with low and modest incomes which will offset the GST or HST they pay.

The GST/HST Refund Payment amount will also include the Provincial and territorial program payments. Interested beneficiaries will get the payment based the eligibility. Please note that it is not in the hands of the beneficiaries to get benefits. It is the responsibility of the government officials to check the eligibility of taxpayers and if they are eligible, automatically enroll them for the program. Scroll down the following article and resolve queries related to the payment amount, eligibility and others.

GST/HST Credit Payment Released Today - This is how to check it, Complete Process

GST/HST Credit Payment Released on 5th July

The authority does not deduct taxes on the offered GST/HST Credit Payment. The officials provide the amount quarterly in a year. The officials have released two payments for the 2024 year. They are ready to release the third payment today i.e., 5th July 2024. There is important news for people residing in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. Due to wildfires, the beneficiaries of these provinces will get the mail for the benefit cheque a little late.

However, beneficiaries who get the payment through direct deposit will get the payment on the same day. If beneficiaries do not get the payment on 5th July, they must wait for at least 10 working days. If the Canada GST/HST Payment is still not credited into the beneficiaries’ account, they must contact the officials through call or physically to resolve the problem.

GST/HST Credit Payments – Eligible Canadians May Receive Up to $519 Across Four Payments

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GST/HST Refund Payment Amount

The following paragraph includes information regarding the payment amount which might be offered to eligible beneficiaries for a period between July 2024 to June 2025. Please note that the amount mentioned here is just an estimated amount and the actual amount offered to beneficiaries might be different and vary from each other. The following are the Goods and Services/Harmonized Sales Tax Credit Payment amount details:

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  • $519: if the beneficiary is single
  • $680: if the beneficiary is married or has a common-law partner
  • $179: for each child under the age of 19

How to check the GST/HST Credit Payment Status?

Individuals who ware eager to know details about whether the payment has been issued or not can take the help of the following section. The following is the complete process elaborated on step-by-step which can be used to check the payment status:

  • Start the process by searching the website of the government of Canada using this link address:
  • Seconds after searching the link, the website’s home page will open on the screen.
  • After that, scroll down the page and find the Most Requested section.
  • Under that, you must find and click the Sign into an Account option to proceed further with the process.
    Canada Child Benefits Login Option
  • After that, you must find the respective login page and the provide login credentials to open the dashboard.
  • Once, the dashboard opens on the screen, start looking for the option named payment status.
  • If you are entitled to more than one benefit, click on the GST/HST Credit Payment.
  • Finally, the payment status will open on the screen. Check it carefully before logging out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many payments will be left after 5th July?
The officials have already issued two GST/HST Credit Payments. The third payment will be issued today i.e., 5th July. So, the officials will be left with the last quarterly payment which will be provided on 4th October 2024.

What is the requested eligibility criteria to get the GST/HST Refund Payment?
The following is the required eligibility criteria to get benefits of the GST/HST Credit Payment:
Applicants should be at least of 19 years old and if they younger, any one of the following conditions mus be attained: Applicants must have (or had) a spouse or common-law partner and they are (or were) parents and live (or lived) with their child.

Can I apply for GST/HST Credit Payments?
No, beneficiaries cannot apply for it as the officials automatically enroll the applicants based on their eligibilities.

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