Corona Warriors Registration Process Apply Online Portal @ Online Portal Corona Warriors Registration: The government of India has launched the scheme nationwide to get doctors, paramedical staff, police, Ex-Servicemen, Nurses, Lab volunteers on board to participate and to provide their service in this difficult time to fight against the coronavirus.

Their contribution can be to help the needy people in terms of providing essential food or help them to prevent the deadly virus. Those who want to register as a volunteer during this period can visit the portal and can look at the list that displays the active number of corona warrior in the country servicing the people of India.


Corona Warriors Registration Process Details

According to the latest survey done by the concerned team who are regularly working to maintain the data of the active doctors, Ayush worker, and other medical staff that there are 1.2 active corona warriors register under the scheme. Many people are moving forward to provide their contribution in terms of preventing the risk of death from a large number of citizens.

Now you can register yourself in this scheme while going through the official website that is managed by a large number of IT members working day and night. Once you get registered then you can acquire online training by simply visiting IGOT (Integrated Government Online Training).

As per the higher official, working with this area has announced that there are 40,000 Red-Cross volunteers working day and night in a different district with the sole motto to serve the people of India. The total number of Ayush workers giving their contribution is near to 15,000. The NCC staff is providing an important role to fight against all the challenges that our country is facing right now due to the nation-wide lockdown.

“An Insight about the Corona Warriors Registration”

Scheme NameCorona Virus Warrior Portal
Active Number of Corona virus1.2 crore (Approx)
Maintaining Master-DataIT Department
Scheme Launched ByCentral Government of India

Details and Information required to Register as Corona warrior

The whole country is going through a difficult time and in this time every individual requires to give an equal contribution to work for the people of India. The ones who are looking to give their contribution as corona warrior need to register on the official portal.

List of Details required to become active corona warrior are given below:

  • The full name of the Applicant
  • Applicant Email ID
  • Need to mention the country name
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth of the Applicant
  • Gender
  • Referral Code (If any)

Who can become Corona Warrior?

Each and every citizen can become the corona warrior to fight against the COVID-19. But we have a list of warriors who are actively participating to deal with the difficult situation and helping the citizen in terms of providing the essential service at their doorstep.

The one who needs the medical attention or anyone who is in need of food is fulfilled by the corona warrior team. Right now the corona warrior is the main pillar of the country which is actively working to reduce the pain of the people.

List of Some Active Corona warrior in the country

Corona Warriors Registration
  • Ayush Officer
  • NYKS Officer
  • NCC Officer
  • PMKVY Officer
  • Dental Officer
  • Anganwadi Officer
  • Veterinary Officer
  • NYV Officer
  • NSS Officer
  • Zila Sainik Officer

Steps to Become Corona Warrior on

Now you can make yourself register as a corona warrior in order to support the people of India during the time of the global pandemic. Every hand raised to support the people is important to fight against the COVID-19. The steps to register on the official website to become corona warrior are explained below:

  • To become the corona warrior, you require surfing the website.
  • Once the website gets opened then you have to search for the Join as Citizen Volunteer tab on the first of the official website.
  • Once you clicked on that link that system will ask you to join as an individual volunteer or organization volunteer.
  • After that, the new page will get appear and the applicant will be asked to fill all the details required to become a corona warrior.
  • The details which would be asked at the time of registration will be your personal details like name, email id, mobile number, date of birth, etc.


Social Media – You can also register for corona warrior through the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Through SMS –   The applicant can also become a corona warrior by sending MYGOV Space Your Name to 7738299899.

Note – After finishing the registration part the applicant will be contacted by the concerned authority to complete the formalities as a joining procedure. The applicant will also receive the notification through SMS and email communication for the same.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any other portal available to register for corona warrior through organization?

You can able to register as a corona warrior in the same platform or same official portal either you are a single person or you have to apply under the organization corona warrior.

What is the benefit that we get due to the coronavirus?

If anybody needs any help in their district in terms of food, medical assistance, etc can contact their area corona warrior.

What are the formalities required to register as a corona warrior?

There are not any documents required to become corona warrior but the things required to register as a corona warrior is only the personal details like name, date of birth, mobile number, occupation, etc.

By how the confirmation will be provided to the applicant who had applied to become a corona warrior?

The applicant will get all the information and updates related to their application in their registered mobile number and email id.

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