Canada Disability Benefit Bill 2024: Bill C-22 Eligibility, Amount & Payment Dates

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Canada Disability Benefit Bill 2024: The government of Canada introduced the Canada Disability Benefit Bill on 2nd June 2022. Through the Canada Disability Act, the government is trying to reduce poverty and support the financial security of working-age persons with disabilities. Under the Budget 2024, the government provides funding of $6.1 billion over 6 years, commencing in 2024-25 and $1.4 billion every year ongoing for the new CDB i.e., Canada Disability Benefit.

It will also include the costs of delivering the program. The offered design on the benefits has been based on the maximum benefit amount of $2,400 every year for people with disability with low income and ages between 18 and 64. According to the reports, the benefit will increase the financial well-being of around 600,000 people with disability and low income.

Canada Disability Benefit Bill 2024

The government will start paying the Canada Disability Benefit from July 2025 onwards. It will be after the successful completion of the regulatory process and consultations with the person with a certain disability. The officials have decided that the Canada Disability benefits will be available to people who have valid Disability Tax Credit Certificates. As a result, it will make the delivery process of the benefit quick and ensure consistency of eligibility.

To ensure that eligible ones are getting the benefits and to acknowledge the significant financial barrier associated with the benefit take-up, the officials have offered funding of $243 million for six years. The amount will be provided for the program from 2024-25 and $41 million per year which will include the costs of medical forms which are needed to apply for the Canada Disability Benefit Bill 2024.

Canada Disability Benefit Bill 2024: Bill C-22 Eligibility, Amount & Payment Dates

Canada Bill C-22 Eligibility Criteria

It is important to go through the eligibility criteria before applying for any of the programs. Please note that no eligible candidates can participate in the program. It is important to note that the concerned authority is still working on preparing the regulation including eligibility criteria for the above-mentioned process.

In the meantime, we are mentioning below some of the common eligibility criteria required for the Canada Disability Benefit Bill. The data will be updated once the officials release the eligibility criteria information in detail:

  • Interested candidates should be residents of Canada.
  • The age of applicants should lie between 18 to 64 years old.
  • Candidates applying for the Canada Bill C-22 must hold a valid Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

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Canada Disability Benefit Bill Amount

The Canada Disability Benefits Act got the Royal Assent on 22nd June 2023. The bill will reduce the poverty among working-age Canadians with disability. As per the reports, Canadians with disabilities who are under the working age are as likely to live in poverty as working people without any disability. The situation of Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation worse.

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The benefits will be a key commitment and cornerstone of DIAP i.e., Canada’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan. It is a blueprint of changes which will make the country more inclusive of persons with disabilities. The amount of the plan is yet to be decided. The official announcement holding information regarding the eligibility criteria, payment amount and more will be released soon on the portal of the Government of Canada.

CDB Payment Dates

Under the Canada Disability Benefit, beneficiaries will get some amount of financial aid which will help them fulfil their basic needs such as bills, groceries and more. The government will release the payment every month. As per the information mentioned on the official website of the Government of Canada, the official will start providing the payment to beneficiaries from July 2025 onwards.

We will soon update the payment dates table on this page holding the date of each month. In case, any candidates do not get the payment on the mentioned date. They can wait for a few days. If the payment does not reflect, the candidates will contact the concerned authority to get guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the Canad Disability Benefit Bill?
Candidates can apply for the Canada Disability Benefit Bill online and offline. Interested candidates must visit the Government of Canada website, click on the benefit, and tap the Canada Disability Benefit link to apply. To apply for the benefit offline, candidates must visit the nearest CRA center.

What documents will be needed to apply for the Canada Bill C-22?
To apply for the Canada Bill C-22, candidates must keep documents proving their residency in the country along with valid disability proof. More information regarding the required documents can be traced through the official government portal.

When will the official transfer the first payment of Canada Disability benefit?
The officials are currently making modifications to the plan. As per the overview of the Canada Disability Benefit, the officials will make the first payment in July 2025 onwards.

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  1. My name is Franklin I applied for disability too I got so many needs I was born in Canada raised in Canada when to get rely letter from you guys I could to hear you respond my concerns about my disability.

  2. 200.00 extra, thanks again Trudeau for nothing, and you need our vote. Try really helping the people you count on. Hmmm

  3. Tanya
    So, I have jumped through hoops to get my measly disability check , took me an year and a half to get btw because of govt backup , and now I have to go through it all over again for the new disability tax credit , how awful is that ! Thanks for nothing Trudeau!

  4. A year from now??? Trudeau you really think your helping Canadians ????
    Raising everything that some cannot afford shelter let alone food, clothes and unheard by government.
    Let’s reverse the roles those on disability will receive the incomes government receives and the government receive disability benefits.
    This should be a good wake up call to you each for three months.
    Guarantee you can’t manage or take anything for granted as you do!
    Poverty People Poor
    Political Politicians Pathetic

  5. Yes Kim Cole, I vas thinking the same , challenge them …to see how good life is!…. and to have to pay even for medication!!!

  6. I am disabled unfortunately I can’t work I do have the disability tax credit but 200.00 is a start but not enough. I have to live off of 870.00 a month that is what I get right now for disability. Also have a 24 year old daughter that has alot of mental health issues and unfortunately cannot work also she never did. Her disabilities stops her from having a life. Most months we go without alot of things thank hod we have our own home but still have to pay property taxes and other bills

  7. I am not getting any form of Disability
    I have a volid tax credit certificate and don’t now where to turn for any help will be a plus I haven’t been able to work since 2007 when I was diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis
    And I have had the certificate since then
    I can’t get Disability though cpp cause I haven’t worked in years and I don’t know if I can apply for disability through Canada cpp disability has anyone had any trouble getting the disability through cra I’m only receiving the provinces social services just this pass budget they have agreed to 400.00 a month
    but that too don’t come in affect till July 20 25 we will all be.homeless at this rate cause the disabled and the seniors get put on the ba k burner while child tax is making a.killing and half the children don’t see the monet used on them it’s in the parents mouth.gut and nose I’ve.said my say if anyone knows were I can go from here message me on fb or email [email protected] Charlene May Ralph thanks 😊
    THANKS IN advance ☺️


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