Big Change in Walmart Credit Cards – Check If You Are Holding One

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Big Change in Walmart Credit Cards: Walmart which is known as the giant retailer based in Arkansas has finally ended its partnership with the Capital One Financial Corporation, COFC. Now, everyone wants to know what will be a Big Change in Walmart Credit Cards after the end of the partnership. Previously, Walmart ended its partnership with Synchrony Financial which also provides credit cards to its customers. Capital One and Walmart partnered in 2019. Let’s get to know in detail about the lawsuit filed by Walmart.

Big Change in Walmart Credit Cards

It is an America-based bank specialising in credit cards, saving accounts, auto loans and banking. Its headquarter is McLean. After being in partnership for some years, Walmart filed the lawsuit against Capital One which started in April 2023. The company accused Capital One of multiple things, such as the process timing of transactions into the cardholder’s account being too long, mailing the replacement card to the customer who lost it and got stoles in late 2022 or early 2023, and failing to fulfil the service standards of Walmarts.

Due to this issue, Walmart wanted to end the partnership. However, the partnership ending date in the contract has still not come. Thus, Walmart has to file a lawsuit. Capital One did not deny the allegation, However, they state that the reasons mentioned by Walmart are not enough to break the contract early. They also stated that the retail giant needed an excuse to end the partnership early. The Walmart card offers customers rewards such as cashback on in-store purchases and online orders set for delivery or pickup.

Big Change in Walmart Credit Cards - Check If You Are Holding One?

The Walmart Lawsuit

As per the official documents, the deal between both companies was supposed to end by 2024. So, there were still two more years left which Walmart was not respecting as per the bank. The federal judge favoured Walmart in March and permitted the company to formally break the deals with Capital One early after considering the problems raised by Walmart.

The problem was enough to break the deal. Many customers who held Walmart credit Cards were worrying about the future of the cards and accounts as the cards were opened with some of the partnership specifications.

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Big Change in Walmart credit cards

After a while, Capital One issued an official statement where they stated that the best idea for the customer was to end the current partnership and over the existing Walmart Credit card holders to one of Capital One’s flagship branded rewards products. The financial institution will automatically complete the task. There is no need for customers to participate in any related action.

The company will continue offering the accrued rewards and services to the customers. If any changes occur, Capital One will contact the customers and inform them regarding it in advance. As per the data available in Capital One, there are around $8.5 billion in loans in the existing portfolio of the Walmart credit card. After the announcement of the lawsuit, Walmart has not announced any new partnership to renew the services with another company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the reason behind breaking the partnership between Walmart and Capital One?
According to Walmart’s official statement, the services offered by Capital One were not up to the part. The processing takes more than necessary to transfer the amount which makes it difficult during the billing process.

What will happen to the Walmart Credit Cards after the end of the partnership?
According to Capital One, the Walmart Credit Cards will become Capital One Credit Cards which will offer the same awards and services which was previously given to the customers. Customers will not have to worry about any changes as they will be informed beforehand.

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