Airtel Flexi Credit Loan 2024: Easy Online Loans Up to ₹9 Lakhs, without Income Proof!

Airtel, a common name in every household, is known for its telecommunication service in 17 countries, including India. Airtel, with 335 million active users and India’s second-largest mobile telecommunication provider, is now providing loans. For this, Airtel partners with some RBI-regulated NBFCs to offer flexible loans. With Airtel Flexi Credit Loan, they are offering loans to every individual as per their need. With a minimum of ₹10000 and a maximum ₹9 lakhs, you can apply for the Loan online from the comfort of your home without any physical paperwork.

Quite remarkably, Airtel processes your loan application and disburses the loan amount within 24 hrs. So, if you are in dire need of cash and need a cash flow to keep things well and balanced, you can apply for an Airtel Instant Loan. Here, we have shared all the details that will guide you on whether you can apply.

Airtel Flexi Credit Loan 2024: Easy Online Loans Up to ₹9 Lakhs, without Income Proof!

Airtel Flexi Credit Loan

As the name suggests ‘Flexi“, Airtel allows you the flexibility to choose the loan amount, tenure, and even the EMI as per your requirement. You can submit the loan application online via the Airtel Thanks App. After the basic KYC procedure, the loan amount is credited to your bank account. You can pay the loan per the tenure opt during the form submission from 3 to 60 months.

Apart from this, Airtel also offers the borrower the minimum interest rate from their competition, which starts from 11.5%. However, it may vary as per the loan tenure and your eligibility.

Benefits of Airtel Flexi Credit Loan 2024

Some potential benefits of Airtel Flexi Credit loan is:


  • You have the flexibility to borrow loans from anywhere between ₹10000 to ₹9,00,000.
  • Loan repayment can be customised flexibly from 3 to 60 months as needed.
  • It also offers the flexibility to foreclose the loan account at any stage without incurring any extra charges.

Flexibility Brings Convenience

  • A completely digital process makes the procedure seamless and streamlined.
  • With minimal documentation, the procedure is icing on the cake, and that is too digital, so there is no need to submit any hard copy anywhere.
  • Once approved, the loan amount is disbursed within a day.

Other benefit:

  • With such a huge loan amount, Airtel Flexi Credit Loan offers a competitive interest rate, starting from 11.5%.
  • Like others, they don’t have any hidden or foreclosure charges.
  • You can compare Airtel Flexi Credit loan with other lenders and choose the best.
  • They charge a minimum 2 to 5% processing fee (plus GST).

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Who can apply for the Airtel Instant Personal Loan?

airtel flexi credit loan

As Airtel sets no specific eligibility criteria, anyone can apply for the Airtel Personal loan with the correct details as requested. But we saw some criteria that are usually mandatory for any loan requirement that is.

  • The minimum age of the borrower is 21.
  • He/She must be salaried or self-employed.
  • No minimum credit score is mentioned, but applicants with a score of 680+ have an advantage.

Documents required for Airtel Personal Loan

A basic list of documents is needed to complete the loan procedure.

  • In support of the applicant’s name and address
  • PAN Card Number
  • Aadhaar card details
  • Employment type
  • Bank Account Details

How to apply online for Airtel Flexi Loan in 9 Steps?

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks App or visit their official website.
  2. In the loan section, tap the Apply Now button on Instant Loan.
  3. Provide basic details like name, mobile number, and others.
  4. Share the employment details
  5. Enter PAN and Aadhar number for verification.
  6. Choose the loan amount, tenure, and preferred EMI.
  7. Submit documents like PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Salary Slip, and ITR Receipt.
  8. Link your bank accounts for the loan disbursement.
  9. Read the application form and submit it.
airtel flexi loan scan

Airtel Loan Approval and disbursal

After submitting the loan application, they will verify the details, and upon a satisfactory remark, the loan amount will be disbursed to your linked account within 24 hours. However, they will update you over call or SMS if there is any issue or you can check the application status from Airtel Thanks App.

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The information shared is for general purposes and should not be considered financial advice. Ultimately, borrower discretion is necessary to make any financial decision, or they can consult a financial adviser. We do not cater for any financial losses based on the information shared. Any changes in the loan terms and conditions purely depend on the lender.

Basic Queries regarding Airtel Personal Loan

What maximum amount can one borrow under the Airtel Flexi Credit Loan?

A loan facility of up to 9 lakh is available under Airtel Personal Loan.

Within how many hours do they disburse the loan amount?

Within 24 hrs of the loan application.

What are the policy, terms, and conditions of the Airtel Flexi Credit Loan?

For more details about loan terms and policy, you can check out

Can i used this loan for medical treatment?

You can use this personal loan for any purpose, whether medical, marriage, buying a car or two-wheeler, or it could be anything.

How can I repay the loan amount?

Loan repayment is quite simple; for this, you need to download the Airtel Thanks, and from there, you can perform various tasks like EMI Track, payment history, and many others.

Can I track my submitted application form?

Yes! You can track it easily from the Airtel Thanks App.

Can I calculate the personal loan EMI?

Yes! You can calculate the personal loan EMI via the Airtel EMI Calculator.

What could be the reason for loan application rejection?

It could be anyone, like the data submitted during the form submission being incorrect or you not qualifying for the KYC process.

Do I need a good cibil score to qualify for the loan approval?

Yes! Applicants must have a minimum credit score of 680.

Whom should you contact in case of any grievance?

You can contact the Grievance officer at

What are the eligibility conditions for an Airtel Personal Loan?

No specific requirements are there for personal loans. Applicants must provide their details correctly and provide enlisted documents.

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