$943 Second Direct SSI Payment in May – Requirements To Receive Payment

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Social Security Agency is ready to make the second direct SSI payment in May 2024. Individuals who are eligible to get benefits provided under the Supplemental Security Income program will get the $943 Second Direct SSI Payment in May. Please note that $943 will be given to individual beneficiaries. The benefit amount will be $1,415 for people who have failed as a couple. Along with it, people who fulfill the Essential Person policies will get $472 extra along with their monthly SSI payment amount.

Readers who qualified for the Second Direct SSI Payment will be able to see the amount in their account shortly. Last year, the officials approved the 3.2% increase from the COLA i.e., Cost of Living Adjustment. The motive if the action was to help the beneficiaries of the SSI in adjusting to the increasing inflation. The increment is included in the amount mentioned above.

$943 Second Direct SSI Payment in May

The SSI payment helps around five million disabled people, families with low income, senior citizens and children who fulfill the conditions which is required to become the beneficiary. The SSI payments are being offered in all fifty states, the District of Columbia and the Northern Marianas. The federal government manages the SSI payment along with the SSI.

So, it must be noted that the payment amount can be increased considering several factors that affect the income and living expenses of the citizens. The payment will be credited directly into the account of the beneficiaries. In case, the amount is not reflected in the account on the mentioned date, wait for 2 to 3 extra days before reporting your situation to the concerned authority.

$943 Second Direct SSI Payment in May – Requirements To Receive Payment

Supplemental Security Income Payment Schedule

Once, the second direct SSI payment is credited, the officials will not provide the next Supplemental Security Income till the first of July. The last payment will be made in May for June. As the recipients of SSI are well aware the SSA make the payment on the 1st working day of each month. If the 1st day of any month falls on the weekend or public holiday then its payment is made beforehand.

The same SSI payment situation tends to happen in August and November. So, the recipients will not get any payments in September and December 2024. Given below is the detailed schedule for the upcoming months at which the payment by the official will be made:

JulyMonday, 1st of the month
AugustThursday, 1st of the month
August (September)Friday, 30th of August
OctoberTuesday, 1st of the month
NovemberFriday, 1st of the month
November (December)Friday, 29th of November

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$943 Second Direct SSI Increase Payment

Social Security Agency has increased the benefits of SSI considering the increase the the COLA i.e., Cost of Living Adjustment. Candidates who fulfill the eligibility are eligible to get the monthly benefits increase which aims to help the beneficiaries with their monthly expenses and keep up with the inflation. The COLA was approved by the authority in 2023 and the same came into effect in January 2024.

It is a 3.2% increase. An expected analysis has been provided. However, the actual increase will be updated at the end of the result. As per the available forecast, the COLA of 2.6% to 3.2% in 2025. In case, there is a rise of 3.2% next year, the benefits of 2025 will be as follows:

Social Security Payments in 2024Social Security payments (3.2% COLA 2025)
On average: $698On average: $720
Individuals: $943Individuals: $973
Couples: $1,415Couples: $1,460
Essential person: $472Essential person: $487

(Please note that the amount mentioned above is not the actual amount as it has been evaluated considering expected factors)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to receive the $943 Second Direct SSI Payment?
Some of the essential conditions to get a $943 Second Direct SSI Payment are:
The applicant must be 65 years old or older or blind/ disabled. 2 Applicants have limited income and resources. 3 They must be resident of one of the 50 states and more.

Why are the beneficiaries getting two Supplemental Security Income payments in May?
The reason behind the two payments in May 2024 is the weekend which falls on the 1st day of June 2024. The same thing will happen in two more months i.e., August and November 2024.

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