$1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks in July 2024: Who will get it? Payment Dates & Claim Process

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$1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks in July 2024: The federal government, along with the Canada Revenue Agency, has decided to offer the $1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks to the beneficiaries of the nation. OAS, known as Old Age Security, is provided to the Senior citizens of the nation. Under the OAS program, beneficiaries receive the help from the officials financially. The officials will offer the Extra OAS Checks to people who fulfill all the conditions which are required to get the benefits.

The beneficiaries use the offered amount to fulfil basic needs which are required to live a peaceful life such as paying bills, buying groceries and others. The OAS is offered to senior citizens and all people whose age is 65 years or more come under the Old Age category. The amount will be a relief for users with low and no income. The amount is provided to the beneficiaries every month. The following article aims to deliver detailed information regarding the $1300+$250 Extra Old Age Security Payment Dates, Who will get it? And Claim Process.

$1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks in July 2024: Who will get it? Payment Dates & Claim Process

$1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks July 2024

The nation has been coping with high inflation for a long time. The situation got worse when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the nation to shut down for a while. As a result, many people especially senior citizens found it hard to fulfill the costs of basic needs. Senior citizens cannot work due to their age. Therefore, the federal government and Canada Revenue Agency decided to provide the $1300 and $250 Extra OAS Checks. It will help people financially who are in need.

The amount offered by the authority might not be much however, it can support the beneficiary financially to some extent and provide some relief. The official updates regarding the confirmation of the extra payment will be provided on the CRA official website. Interested readers who are still not a part of the program should know Who will get it? and submit the Extra OAS Check form to get the benefits of the payment.

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Who will get the $1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks?

The officials have set some eligibility conditions which are compulsory to be fulfilled if the candidate wants to get benefits of the Old Age Security program. Below is the table showing detailed eligibility criteria:

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For People Living in Canada1. Candidates should be at least 65 years old or older
2. Applicants should be citizens of Canada or legal residents at the time the OAS pension application is approved.
3. Candidates must have resided in Canada for a minimum of 10 years since the age of 18.
For People Living Outside Canada1. Applicants should be at least 65 years old or above.
2. Candidates should be Canadian citizens or legal residents of Canada on the day before they leave Canada.
3. Candidates should reside in Canada for at least 20 years since the age of 18.
Canadians working outside Canada for Canadian employers1. Applicants must have returned to Canada within 6 months of completion of the employment.
2. Applicants who turned 65 years old while still employed and maintained a residence in Canada during their time outside of Canada.

$1300+$250 Extra Old Age Security Payment Dates

The officials have released the whole Old Age Security Monthly Payment Schedule for the year 2024. Check out the table available below to know the payment date of the respective month:

MonthPayment Dates
JulyJuly 29, 2024
AugustAugust 28, 2024
SeptemberSeptember 25, 2024
OctoberOctober 29, 2024
NovemberNovember 27, 2024
DecemberDecember 20, 2024

How to claim Extra OAS 1300 & 250 Check Benefits?

The following section includes the process which the beneficiaries can use to claim the Old Age Security Benefits:

  • First of all, go to the official portal of the Government of Canada using this link: https://www.canada.ca/
  • Once, the home page appears on the screen, start scrolling it down and find the Benefits option.
  • A new page with a list of different benefits will open on the screen.
  • Find and tap the Public pensions, and a new page will open on the screen again.
  • After that, locate the option of Access My Service Canada Account and click the same to open the login page.
  • Select the method of login and provide login credentials accordingly.
  • After that, the dashboard will open on the respective device.
  • Find the application form for the Old Age Pension program and start entering the details on it.
  • Attach the required documents and submit the form to complete the $1300 and $250 Extra OAS Check process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the officials release the $1300+$250 Extra OAS Checks July 2024?
According to the schedule available on the official website of the Government of Canada, the officials will release the payment on 29th July 2024.

What to do if there is any delay in the $1300+$250 Extra Old Age Security Payment Dates?
You should wait for two to three business days and then contact the concerned authority to get the solution.

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