Good News! $1155 US SNAP Benefits Coming in June 2024, Check Dates

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$1155 US SNAP Benefits Coming in June 2024: SNAP i.e., Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is also widely known as Food Stamp Program. The program aims to offer food-purchasing assistance to people with low or no income. Accessibility to food is one of the necessities in a person’s life. The next $1,155 US SNAP Benefits are coming in June. The amount of the SNAP solely depends on the number of individuals a house has.

For Instance, if a single person has applied for SNAP, he/she will receive $291. If a family with around 5 individuals applies for the US SNAP benefits, the family will receive $1,155. All the readers who are a part of the US SNAP Benefits and want to know the next US Food Stamp Program payment date can take the help of the article prepared below.

Good News! $1,155 US SNAP Benefits Coming in June 2024

SNAP program provides assistance to people who are in need and cannot even afford a healthy meal for themselves and their family members. Please note that the amount offered to the beneficiaries can only be used to buy meals. The food prices are becoming higher considering the increasing rate of inflation.

After paying the amount of housing, energy, transportation and more, there is barely any money left to give the family a proper meal every day. The US SNAP Benefits are provided to beneficiaries monthly.

Good News! $1,155 US SNAP Benefits Coming in June 2024, Check Dates

US Food Stamp Program Benefit Amount

The officials determine the amounts which must be offered to particular beneficiaries based on the number of members in the family. Below is the table showing detailed information regarding the US SNAP Benefits payment which a family get based on the number of family members:

Family TypeAmount
A single person$291
2 family members$535
3 family members$766
4 family members$973
5 family members$1,155
6 family members$1,386
7 family members$1,532
8 family members$1,751

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$1,155 US SNAP Benefits Dates

Each state is responsible for transferring the amount into the beneficiary’s account. The payment will be transferred through Electronic Benefits Transfer, i.e., EBT cards. The beneficiaries can use the card to buy food at retail stores, farmer markets, and other related locations.

The following section includes the dates each state will transfer the amount to the beneficiaries’ accounts. Check out the State-Wise Payment Dates mentioned below.

LocationPayment date
PennsylvaniaJune 3 to 14
Puerto RicoJune 4 to June 22
South CarolinaJune 1 to 19
CaliforniaJune 1 to 10
WashingtonJune 1 to 20
West VirginiaJune 1 to 9
WisconsinJune 1 to 15
District of ColumbiaJune 1 to 10
FloridaJune 1 to 28
GeorgiaJune 5 to 23
GuamJune 1 to 10
HawaiiJune 3 to 5
IdahoJune 1 to 10
IllinoisJune 1 to 20
IndianaJune 5 to 23
IowaJune 1 to 10
KansasJune 1 to 10
KentuckyJune 1 to 19
LouisianaJune 1 to 23
MaineJune 10 to 14
MarylandJune 4 to 23
MassachusettsJune 1 to 14
MissouriJune 1 to 22
MontanaJune 2 to 6
NebraskaJune 1 to 5
NevadaJune 1 to 10
New HampshireJune 5
New JerseyJune 1 to 5
New MexicoJune 1 to 20
New YorkJune 1 to 9
North CarolinaJune 3 to 21
OhioJune 2 to 20
OklahomaJune 1 to 10
OregonJune 1 to 9
MichiganJune 3 to 21
MinnesotaJune 4 to 13
MississippiJune 4 to 21
South DakotaJune 10
TennesseeJune 1 to 20
TexasJune 1 to 28
UtahJune 5, 11 and 15
VirginiaJune 1 to 7
AlabamaJune 4 to 23
ArizonaJune 1 to 13
ArkansasJune 4 to 13
WyomingJune 1 to 4
ColoradoJune 1 to 10
ConnecticutJune 1 to 3
DelawareJune 2 to 23

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the US Food Stamp Program Benefits?
Each state has a different application for and process. So, contact the state agency directly to apply by visiting the local SNAP office, the state agency’s website or calling the toll-free SNAP information hotline of the respective state.

How long will beneficiaries receive the US SNAP Benefits?
Beneficiaries will receive a notice that provides information on the certification period during which they will continue receiving benefits. Eligible beneficiaries can also continue receiving benefits by contacting the local SNAP office.

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